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5stars.png All the items I purchased are well selected and clearly explained. My questions were well answered and effectively, efficiently handled. Love all I bought and will definitely recommend to my friends who care for good quality and authentic French foods ❤️❤️❤️ Angela, CA

5stars.png I have been ordering from simply gourmand regularly for over a year and am consistently pleased by the five star customer experience. Great choice of products, shipping is super fast, and packed perfectly to avoid any damages. Can't ask for more. Laetitia, PA

5stars.png Our experience was fabulous! The items arrived very quickly, they were in perfect condition, there was an ample amount of packaging to protect the items, and the products themselves are excellent. Chris, NC

5stars.png I came to Simply Gourmand, because I had ordered Clément Faugier chestnut spread from a different vendor and the cans were dented (and not from mailing--box undamaged). I just received my order and everything is packed beautifully. I ordered 4 cans of chestnut spread. Not one dent! Ah! Thank  you! I'll be ordering from Simply Gourmand again! Marie, MT

5stars.png I certainly have written many comments and I should say compliments during my five years relationship with Simply Gourmand! I just received another shipment impeccably wrapped and presented, not forgetting the signature of SG, the two candies symbol of refinement from this company. Thank you et dépêchez-vous de recevoir à nouveau des Petits Beurres LU! Vous souhaitant tout ce qu'il y a de meilleur,.... à bientôt ! M-J, OH

5stars.png I received my order super fast as usual. Great packaging. Thank you simplygourmand! Olivier, NY

5stars.png I wanted to share how great your service is. I came across your website by accident and placed my first order a few days ago. It arrived today. Being a French person living in the USA, it made my day and I will re-order for sure!!!!. The content was packed so well and arrived so fast. So glad I found Simply Gourmand!! Merci beaucoup. Laetitia, PA

5stars.png Excellent. We needed Picholine olives for a pasta recipe. Very hard to find in the US, even though common in Southern France. Already tried in Martinis, which I recommend. Great service, fast shipping, fair prices, we also ordered Dijon mustard, escargot, and Niçoise olives. I highly recommend SimplyGourmand. Thanks. Craig, FL

5stars.png My favorite items from France available here. Très bien, Simply Gourmand, et merci !! Agnès, NY

5stars.png I grew up in Lebanon where Amora mustard was a staple. I was elated when I found out it was sold through Simply Gourmand in the US. I just love its texture, flavor and color. It’s the perfect everyday mustard. Nina, OH

5stars.png It’s hard to find good French products in the US, but Simply Gourmand has them all and at a very reasonable price. If you have question, no problem, the answer is fast coming via email. I love everything from Bretagne (Brittany), le pain d'épices reminds me of my childhood, and the sarments...well it’s pure chocolate heaven. So, yes it is worth it! Marie-Lise, MD

5stars.png I received my order and I would like to thank you and specifically thank the person who took care of this order. It was superbly done. Of course we enjoyed the two candies, your signature of French refinement. Marie-Josèphe, OH

5stars.png No problems at delivery, glad to have home products, a bit expensive but when home sick glad to be able to get the products. Vanessa, CA

5stars.png Simply Gourmand supplies me with my food memories! I love everything I have ever ordered. The Teisseire syrups/sirops are remarkable! The coffee, the cakes, the toasts, everything ! And the little treat that they include in each order always makes me smile. Janice, PA

4star.png Francine wheat flour makes the crepes so much better. Totally worth it! Fred, OH

5stars.png Rien que du bon ! Plein de trucs qu'on ne trouve pas ailleurs aux États-Unis, expédiés normalement le jour même de la commande, super bien emballés, pas de risque de casse. Et accompagnés d'un carambar ! Merci, SimplyGourmand, j'en reprendrai ! Jean, NY

4star.png I love finding products I miss on Simplygourmand. The service is quick and everything is carefully packed so that I don't have to worry about ordering food in glass jars. I am hoping that you will increase your selection and include more "charcuterie" products such as high quality pâtés, boudins blancs, boudins noirs, chipolatas etc. I can't find these products where I live. Véronique, NY

5stars.png What Simply Gourmand offers is products that are difficult to find even in very diversified supermarkets. Furthermore those products are the ones a French born person has grown up with and is attached to for their irreplaceable function in French recipes! What would be a French dressing without Amora mustard?! What would be the turkey without Faugier chestnuts?! etc... I would very kindly recommend to SG to pay perhaps a little more attention to their packaging for shipment. I order Amora per dozen glasses and as per the last shipment, it was pure luck nothing was broken! Thank you for bringing to us a great number of articles we long for. We appreciate you! Marie, OH

5stars.png Great French food at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it. Jean-Michel, WI

5stars.png I have been ordering from simplygourmand for years and absolutely love the quality. The food is authentic French and always fresh. The prices are also competitive compared to some high end stores that import French products. I highly recommend this online store. Marie, TX

5stars.png Excellent food. I tell all my friends about Simply Gourmand. Patrick, CA

5stars.png Succulent experience. Isabelle, CO

5stars.png I love the selection of products on Simply Gourmand. The prices are good, shipping a little high... love the little piece of candy included in the package as a thank you! Sophie, NJ

5stars.png I love buying French items from Simply Gourmand. They deliver really fast and the packaging is always super cushioned so I rarely find broken cookies, unless the postman has decided to go on an RV ride. Everything is good. Hermine, TX

5stars.png Very good, fast and accurate service. Inbar, NY

5stars.png Am I glad Simply Gourmand carries escargots. One evening not long after I arrived in Paris for a 3-year stay,  several of my new French friends introduced me to escargot. Somewhat reluctant at first, I realized I was dining with those who had grown up with French cooking and wanted me to also experience it. "In order to fully appreciate escargot, you must accompany it with a glass of a good dry white wine," was one admonition. "And use lots of bread to soak up every drop of the garlic/butter sauce," was another. Following their advice, I timidly sampled it at first and to my surprise, discovered a wonderfully new, different taste. That evening's repas at a simple restaurant on a Paris side street began a lifetime of an appreciation of French cuisine that added so much more depth to my life. Jack, CO

5stars.png Easy to select products online, fast delivery, products well packed. Gil, NY

5stars.png Even though I'm not French myself, I love what Simply Gourmand offers. The desserts are so delicious and rich in quality flavor. Placing orders is very easy. Delivery and shipping are professional and fast. Agnes, OH

5stars.png A great company to deal with. Fast delivery and excellent packaging. Nabisco made Chipsters back in the 70s 80s.
I loved them then when I was a kid and still love them today. These Chipsters are just like the ones I had when I was a kid. Ron, NJ

5stars.png Magnificat candies are exceptionally delicious. In my wife's words..."they were just divine." And I will add the shipping was very fast and the site was a pleasure. All in all a great shopping experience. Robert, CA

5stars.png Amora makes the very best Dijon mustard - period! And for an American, this is the very best place to purchase it! Highly recommend. Lizzy, NY

5stars.png I was so glad to find Chicorée Leroux here. The taste of my childhood at a very reasonable price for an import. My favorite hot drink! Brie

5stars.png Amora mayonnaise is so delicate and tasty...Happy to find it at Simply Gourmand. Chantal, NY

5stars.png Have been buying Nestlé Dessert and Nestlé Dessert Corsé for chocolate mousse for years in France. Good to know I can get it here.

5stars.png I grew up eating Carambar candies as a child and had always loved them. So for Christmas this year I thought that I would treat myself to a package. Well, after my grown children had gotten to them, I was happy to have 3 pieces left! I will definitely order more and make sure that there is at least one package for me! Anna, NJ

5stars.png Pierrot Gourmand caramel lollipops are everyone's favorite at our home..they are simply delicious! I also love the way they look in our ceramic Pierrot Gourmand lollipop other lollipop will do! I have found the fairest price for product and shipping is available at and expect to be a regular customer. Highly recommended! Leigh

4star.png We were introduced to Xérès vinegar while visiting France and I was so happy to find it at Simply Gourmand. The sherry flavor is different from balsamic and is a wonderful addition to salad dressings. Jeanne, CO

5stars.png Amora Dijon mustard is the best mustard!!... A neighbor gave us a jar 4 years ago and we have been using only this mustard since then. It is worth having it shipped here to Montana!! Jana, MT

5stars.png Mix Teisseire lime syrup with water for a cool drink... Mix with wine and club soda for a refreshing summer drink or add to Bacardi and mint and club soda for the best mojito ever! And let's not forget the great customer service from Simply Gourmand! John, CT

5stars.png Our French exchange student introduced us to Traou Mad galettes and I've been looking for more ever since. I even tried to order them from the family company that makes them, but the shipping cost made it unfeasible. Thank you, Simply Gourmand! Marta

5stars.png I was hoping to find Bonne Maman rhubarb jam in my local supermarkets, but alas, nothing! Fortunately, Simply Gourmand has it, and my well-wrapped order arrived the next day. Evelyn, MA

5stars.png I can’t find Bonne Maman chestnut jam anywhere but here. Yum!!!

5stars.png I ate Chipsters as a child...and loved them! Was sooo disappointed when I could no longer find them. I did some searching for them awhile back and found them on Simply Gourmand! They were everything I remembered from my childhood! Thank you for carrying these fabulous chips!!! The only thing I was not fond of was the shipping price. Michelle

5stars.png These nonnettes are fresh. The price is right, even with shipping. We love them so much I was considering bringing them from France, but with the affordable price at Simply Gourmand, I will pass on that idea. Annie, TX

5stars.png Best jam ever, great price, fast shipping and good service after all. Thanks again!!! Amine, NJ

5stars.png Finally I found a website to buy all my french goodies especially Chocapic. I had this growing up until I moved to the US and it is not available in the US markets unfortunately, thank God for Simply Gourmand making it possible for us to purchase them online! Marie-Claire, FL

5stars.png I found Teisseire grenadine syrup on and ordered a few bottles. WOW very tasty, fruity and light and did not weigh down what the original drink was, but added to the flavor. I just ordered 8 bottles from Simply Gourmand and they came packed individually. Thank you for a wonderful product and great shipping. I will be ordering more in the future. Jill, WA

5stars.png This is the best... I absolutely love the Sirop Teisseire, especially the grenadine flavor. My boyfriend and his son also love it. It is a special treat when we have it in the house. I am so glad Simply Gourmand sells it.

5stars.png More than the taste of this delicious grenadine syrup, it's the aroma of the sweet syrup that brings back warm memories of my mother and the breakfast table of my early childhood. I'm so glad I was able to find this grenadine. I bought the black currant flavor too and it's equally delicious...but the grenadine flavor, I like to say, smells like my childhood! Kafui, MD

5stars.png St Michel galettes bring back childhood memories. I love how well balanced these cookies taste, sweet with a slight hint of salt. Has a nice crispiness to it. Great with a glass of cold, almond milk, water. Yummy. I will continue to buy them if Simply Gourmand continues to sell them.

5stars.png I went to France in the year of 2005 and was hooked on BN cookies! As soon as I landed in America-- no cookies were found anywhere! I was bummed! So, I searched for years until this store has them in stock; I seriously went crazy! Ordered 3 of each strawberry and chocolate BN. WORTH THE MONEY! As soon as they arrived to my porch, I opened it and are a cookie each! The taste is the same! I was absolutely thrilled and shared it with my friends around me.... got them addicted as well! ;) Melina, CT

5stars.png Grenadine is one of the best flavors, an all-time kids' favorite. Teisseire (one flavor or another) was always on the table when I was growing up. My kids love the grenadine flavor too, and it gives them a very sweet European/French experience. I'm so glad I found Simply Gourmand! Catherine

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