Eat your French veggies!

Yes, your mom's advice is as good as ever, but how about eating your vegetables with a French twist? Surely, it will make things even better!

One way to do this is to open our French cooking répertoire and pick one of our proven recipes for cream of sorrel soup, french bean salad, light cauliflower gratin, zucchini gratin, and many other beloved vegetable dishes.

On those days when deferred gratification is not your thing, you also have the option to savor our ready-made favorites: Karine & Jeff organic soups and vegetable dishes, André Laurent choucroute (Alsatian sauerkraut) with vegetable méli-mélo, and Lustucru skillet rice with Provençal tomatoes. And why not munch on Les Délices du Lubéron tapenades and eggplant cream or Vilux cornichons (tiny crunchy gherkins) and pearl onions in vinegar?

Enjoy the flavors. Take good care of yourself.

Owner & Gourmand-in-Chief


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Just in: more French favorites

Among the French favorites recently added to our shelves you will find Connétable albacore tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil, André Laurent choucroute with vegetable méli-mélo, Lesieur Classique mayonnaise, Alsa crème anglaise mix, Gini lemon soda original, Épicerie de Provence delicate fig syrup, and even Coucke vibrant Les Carottes tea towel to celebrate nature, food, and France all at once!

If there is a French treat you would like to find on our website, please share your craving with us.


Suggestions for your French agenda

Exciting on-site French cultural events are back this side of the pond. Enjoy your picks safely! (All the events listed below are on-site, not virtual.)


Boston's Museum of Fine Arts presents Cézanne: In and Out of Time and Monet and Boston: Lasting Impression, both through February 28.


The Denver Art Museum presents The 19th Century in European and American Art.


In Kansas City, MO the National WWI Museum and Memorial presents Silk and Steel: French Fashion, Women and WWI. Through April 11.


In Kansas City, MO the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art presents Monet Water Lilies: From Dawn to Dusk. Through January 23, 2022.


Nashville's Frist Museum presentsPicasso Figures, an exhibition from the Musée national Picasso – Paris. Through May 2.



Try our recipe for cream of sorrel soup

Cream of sorrel soup

This cream of sorrel soup is one of our favorite healthy options before switching to full holiday mode. It works well after the holidays too...

Ingredients (serves 4-6)
6 Tbsp olive oil
4 leeks (chop only white parts)
1 large onion (well chopped)
6 cups sorrel, coarsely chopped
4 potatoes, peeled and cubed
6 cups water (more if needed)
2 bouillon cubes
1 bunch parsley, well chopped and minced
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste
6 Tbsp heavy cream

In a large stainless -steel pot, lightly sauté leeks and onion in olive oil. Add sorrel and potatoes and stir for a few minutes until vegetables are well mixed.
Add water, bouillon cubes, parsley, salt, pepper, and nutmeg and boil for about 15 minutes. Simmer soup in covered pot for about 20-25 minutes.
Blend soup in blender and then pour it pack into an. Add heavy cream and stir soup. Reheat and serve hot.