Francine Crêpe Mix


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If you want a bullet-proof recipe of light and soft crêpes, try the Francine mix. Add 50 cl (2 cups) of milk to the content of one pouch and stir with a whisk. Add one tablespoon of oil (or the equivalent of melted butter) and stir again. Et voila, no need to wait, you can pour a first scoop of the mix in a lightly oiled, pre-heated skillet. The mix contains no sugar, so you can use it for both savory and sweet crêpes. If you make sweet crêpes, you may want to flavor the mix with orange blossom water, vanilla or lemon extract. See our delicious filling suggestions.

Many French cooks are partial to Francine flours and preparations. These are essential staples for fine French pastries.

380 grams / 13.4 oz (2 pouches for a total of 20 crêpes)

Ingredients: wheat flour, egg powder, toasted corn flour, salt. May contain traces of milk, soy, sesame, and nuts.