Alsa Vanilla Custard Mix


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If you are into easy to make, tasty desserts, try this French classic. Bring 50 cl (2 cups) of milk to a boil, add the content of one pouch of Alsa custard mix and stir with a whisk. Pour into 5 ramekins and keep refrigerated for at least an hour and a half. Voila, you have just made a flawless flan fondant à la vanille.

Alsa culinary aids, such as baking powder and vanilla sugar, are found in most French kitchens. The pouches featuring an Alsatian girl in traditional dress are instantly recognized.

192 grams / 6.8 oz (4 pouches of 48 grams,  each 5 servings of custard)

Ingredients: sugar, starch, gelling agent, vanilla flavor, vegetal oil, coloring agents