Senteurs de France Marie-Antoinette Lavandin Sachet

Senteurs de France

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Tuck this pretty sachet of lavandin flowers in a drawer or in a closet, and enjoy its soothing scent day in day out. Lavandin is a natural cross between between Lavender Angustafolia (true lavender) and Lavender Latifolia (spike lavender). The result is a larger plant that yields a powerful scent slightly more herbal than lavender. Remove from plastic cover before using.

Founded in 2015 by Anne-Laure, Senteurs de France (Fragrances of France) offers an irresistible selection of artisan soaps and home accents made in France. Delightful fragrances and lovely designs are all about celebrating France's art de vivre.

8 grams / 0.3 oz