Reine Mère Lemon Tea Towel

Reine Mère

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Add a splash of color to your kitchen with this vibrant tea towel made in Brittany. A lovely gift idea for the Francophiles in your life too!

Toulouse-based studio design Reine Mère was founded by Stéphane Clivier in 2006. The studio's creations are all designed and manufactured in France in small series, with sustainability and social responsibility as core values.

Wonder about the name Reine Mère? It's both a nod at the brainstorming at the origin of the studio (What if Britain's Queen Mother fell out of love with stuffy English design and in love with airy French design?) and a reference to Mother Nature.

95.5% cotton, 4.5% polyester

54 x 79 cm (21.2 x 31.1 in)