Mathez Cocoa-Powdered Chocolate Truffles with Salted Butter Caramel 250g


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Mathez incredibly creamy chocolate truffles are dusted with cocoa powder. A perfect Valentine's Day treat!

Mathez, established in 1934, is a renowned maker of chocolate truffles.

250 grams / 8.8 oz

Ingredients: vegetable fats (coconut, alm kernel), sugar, fat reduced cocoa powder, whey powder, salted butter caramel crystals 5% (sugar, glucose syrup, fresh milk cream, saletd butter 0.2%, skim milk powder, Guérande salt), cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor. May contain traces of gluten, almonds, hazelnuts, eggs and pistachios.

Product sensitive to heat. Keep in a dry and cool place.