Maffren Provence Calissons 220g


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The recipe of calisson, Provence's almond-shaped signature confectionery, dates back to the 15th century. This delicious specialty is made of candied fruit (mainly melon and orange) and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of white icing. Its taste is not unlike marzipan, with a fruitier flavor.

Confectioner Maffren was founded by Daniel Maffren in the Provençal village Le Poët in 1945. It is is renowned for its fine nougats and calissons.

220 grams / 7.8 oz

Ingredients: almonds, candied French cantaloupe (cantaloupe, fructose glucose syrup, citric acid, E220 (sulfites)), sugar, confectioners sugar, lavender honey, inverted sugar syrup, glucose syrup, natural orange blossom extract, candied orange peels (orange peels, fructose glucose syrup, sugar, E202, citric acid, E220 (sulfites)), unleavened bread (potato starch, water, sunflower oil), egg whites. May contain traces of nuts, soy, and milk. Keep in a dry and temperate place.