LU Paille d'Or


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Ask a French sweet-lover to give you her top three biscuits and she will likely name Paille d'Or (litterally, golden straw). These crispy and delicate raspberry filled wafers are perfect for afternoon tea or to accompany ice cream and fruit salads.

The origin of LU dates back to the marriage of Monsieur Lefebvre, a baker and Mademoiselle Utile in 1850 in the seaside town of Nantes. The couple started baking cookies and labeled each package with their initials, LU. Today LU is the most popular producer of cookies and biscuits in France. 

170 grams / 5 oz

Ingredients: glucose fructose syrup, raspberries, wheat flour, red currant juice, lactose and milk proteins, vegetable fat, powdered egg yolks, soya lecithin, raising agent, dried yeast