Les 2 Marmottes Organic Mint & Licorice Herbal Tea

Les 2 Marmottes

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Enjoy the fresh and wooden notes of this beloved blend of mint, peppermint, and licorice.

Enjoy after infusing your tea bag five minutes in a cup of water just boiled. Mint and licorice tea can also be infused in cold water (30 minutes). Tea bags can be composted (no glue, staple, or string).

Les 2 Marmottes is a beloved brand of all-natural teas and infusions (no added flavors or sugar). These masters work their magic with more than 50 species of plants in their workshop based in Haute-Savoie, in the French Alps, ever true to their their motto: Des plantes et rien d'autre (plants and nothing else).

30 sachets (42 grams / 1.5 oz)

Ingredients: mint and peppermint 80%, licorice 20%