Le Guérandais Fleur de Sel from Guérande 125g

Le Guérandais

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Guérande fleur de sel, sometimes called "the champagne of sea salt", is a very special sea salt. Its fine moist granules are harvested by skimming the surface of the Guérande saltmarshes (an ancestral method dating back a thousand years). The Guérande peninsula, in the Bretagne region, produces the finest salt in France, some say worldwide. A rare, naturally white salt, neither crushed nor washed, Guérande fleur de sel is loved by chefs and foodies for its incomparable taste. Simply sprinkled over cooked vegetables or salads, it brings out the flavors of the most simple and the most refined dishes alike. Check out our recipes.

Le Guérandais salt and fleur de sel are produced by salt harvesters of the Guérande peninsula associated in an agricultural cooperative. 

125 grams / 4.4 oz