Hénaff Pork Liver Pâté


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This tasty pork liver pâté is a French favorite. Great for picnics and snacks, it should be served chilled but not ice cold, spread on bread or toast. Add a few cornichons, et voila! : you're back to France. 

Hénaff is a century-old pâté producer based in the village of Pouldreuzic, in the Bretagne region. Hénaff pâtés are dear to many French consumers and praised for their quality and taste (there are several dozens of Pâté Hénaff fan clubs on Facebook!). Hénaff has remained a local family-owned business to this day, even though its pâtés are now exported all around the world.

130 grams / 4.5 oz

Ingredients: pork, pork livers, water, maize modified starch, salt, sodium caseinate, spices, flavor, sodium nitrite.