Chabert & Guillot Soft Nougat Bar 30g

Chabert & Guillot

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This delicious confectionery prepared with sugar, almonds, honey and egg white is a French favorite. Nougat's ancestor, "nugo", dates back to ancient times. The current recipe of nougat was first tried in the 17th century in the little town of Montélimar, in southeasterm France. Montélimar has remained the world capital of nougat to this day. There are many nougat variations, this one is classic soft nougat.

The origin of Chabert & Guillot dates back to the early 19th century, as Alexandre Chabert started a pastry shop in Montélimar. Leading nougat maker Chabert & Guillot has remained Montélimar-based and family-run to this day.

30 grams / 1.1 oz

Ingredients: sugar, almonds 28%, honey, glucose syrup, pistachios, egg albumin, wafer paper, natural aroma vanilla