Brets Potato Chips from Brittany — Jura Cheese Flavor 125g


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Just potatoes, sunflower oil, natural aromas, and salt. No palm oil, no artificial flavoring. These authentic potato chips made in Brittany really stand out. Enjoy the Jura cheese flavor, made exclusively with authentic Comté!

Brittany-based family-owned Brets was founded in 1995 on the simple idea to promote potatoes from Brittany. It has since become France's second largest producer of flavored potato chips.

125 grams / 4.4 oz

Ingredients: potatoes 61.9%, sunflower oil 31%, melted Jura cheese powder 4.5% (made exclusively with protected designation of origin Comté), salt, whey powder, natural aroma, dextrose, white pepper, curcumin (coloring). May contain traces of celery and mustard.