Aux Anysetiers du Roy Christmas Dark Chocolate, Candied Orange & Spices Fondue

Aux Anysetiers du Roy

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This intense dark chocolate fondue with candied orange is a quintessential holiday treat. Heat the fondue and dip fruits, cookies, or pretzels to enjoy. The stoneware tumbler keeps the fondue warm and melted for at least 45 minutes, so no need to rush!  Also a great small gift idea.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy was originally a Provençal restaurant in Paris. The chef's success inspired his sons to create a line of special blends of aromatic herbs and spices, and a variety of chocolate fondues in crocks, which have in turn become very popular.

200 grams / 7 oz

Ingredients: cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, orange, spices, natural aroma, soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma