Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry Baking Feves


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Valrhona's incomparable chocolate-making know-how and boundless creativity are the joyous parents of a new fruit-based baking range, aptly named Inspiration. Vibrant Inspiration Strawberry comes in the iconic feve shape, reminiscent of a cocoa bean and perfect to scale, use and melt. Chefs have long been partial to Valrhona's baking range. Now it's available to you!

Internationally renowned Valrhona has been making exceptional chocolate in the small village of Tain l'Hermitage since 1922.

250 grams / 8.8 oz

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter 38%, strawberry powder 14%, sunflower lecithin. May contain gluten, nuts and soy. Keep in a dry place between 16 and 18°C (60 and 64°F).