Valrhona Dark & Milk Chocolate-Coated Almonds, Hazelnuts & Candied Orange Peels (Equinoxe Collection) 500g


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These irresistible almonds, hazelnuts, and candied orange peels coated in rich 40% milk chocolate and 55% dark chocolate are a quintessential gourmet treat and a sumptuous gift idea. To be savored slowly and little by little...

Internationally renowned Valrhona has been making exceptional chocolate in the small village of Tain l'Hermitage since 1922.

500 grams / 17.6 oz

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa beans, hazelnuts from Italy 15%, almonds from Spain 14%, cocoa butter, cubes of candied orange peels (orange peels, sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose), whole milk powder, brown sugar, dried skimmed milk, whey, glazing agents (maltodextrin, shellac), butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract, barley malt extract