Traou Mad Palets (Gauguin Tin)

Traou Mad

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These thick butter cookies, aka palets, are a widely acclaimed gem from Brittany. They are delicious with coffee, tea, fruit salad, ice cream, or as a snack of their own. The Gauguin tin is a great gift idea for the foodies, art lovers, and Francophiles in your life. 

Traou Mad, which means "good things" in Breton, was founded in 1920 in the little town of Pont-Aven (made famous by the painter Gauguin). The traditional biscuit factory has been has been a Breton emblem of taste and quality for nearly a century.

130 grams / 4.6 oz

Ingredients: wheat flour (52%), fresh butter (33%), sugar, egg yolks, whole milk, salt, baking powder, skimmed milk