François Doucet Cocktail Pâtes de Fruits (Fruit Jellies)

François Doucet

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Pâtes de fruits (fruit jellies) are a classic delicacy often offered on special occasions. François Doucet pâtes de fruits are made traditionally with select fruits. The Cocktail assortment includes five different flavors: banana ti-punch, mojito, daiquiri strawberry, orange planteur, and piña colada.

Located in Oraison, in the heart of Provence orchards, Maison François Doucet was founded by François and Maggy Doucet 50 years ago.

200 grams / 7 oz (20 pieces)

Ingredients: sugar, fruit purées 51.5% (pineapple 10.7%, banana 10%, sweet orange 5.7%, Bartlett pear 5.3%, mara wild strawberry 5.2%, apricot 5%, lime 4.5%, passion fruit 2.8%, golden apple 2.3%), wheat glucose syrup, rum 6%, inverted sugar syrup, orange juce 2%, pectin, citric acid, sweet mint 0.5%, grated coconut, natural fruit aromas (pineapple, strawberry, lemon), natural Bourbon vanilla, sodium citrate. May contain traces of gluten and nuts.