Fortwenger Cinnamon Star Cookies

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These soft gingerbread cookies flavored with cinnamon, hazelnuts and almonds are a beloved Alsatian holiday classic.

Maison Fortwenger, founded by Charles Fortwenger in 1768, is the Alsatian gingerbread standard bearer to this day.

200 grams / 7 oz

Ingredients: sugar, 18% almonds, 16% hazelnuts, egg white, humectant : sorbitols; inverted sugar syrup, wheat flour, fructose, orange peel, 1.5% cinnamon, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable oils (palm, sunflower, colza), wheat starch, skim milk powder, rice flour, salt, emulsifier: soya lecithin. May contain traces of others nuts, peanuts, lupine and sesame seeds.